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Our Services

We understand that every family has different needs. Anything from the type of gathering, to the selection of readings and music, to the final resting place. Every aspect of a service reflects the uniqueness of the individual who is being honored. After death has occurred there are several options one may choose when making arrangements.


Traditional Funeral Ceremony

This is the service that usually involves the possible purchase of a casket, a viewing or visitation, and a ceremony held to celebrate the life of the deceased. Services are held at the chapel, church or other location, and interment usually follows in a cemetery. When you contact us we will be available to discuss the locations of these events, we have many professional relationships with several cemeteries in Chicago. If you are pre-planning and have a burial site selected, we will help with any other planning you require.


Graveside Ceremony

Very similar to the Traditional Funeral Ceremony, but the services and celebration of life are held at the grave site rather than the chapel or church. There are as many options for this type of service as any other. Make sure you speak to one of our qualified staff about the details.


Memorial Service

This is a type of service that memorializes the deceased without the body present. Memorial services are usually held in the chapel or church, however can be designed to any personalized location. Memorial services can be somber, or celebratory, and we specialize in your unique needs for your loved one.


Immediate Burial

This is a service that involves the removal of the deceased from one location, directly to a burial. This is done without services as directly as possible. We honor your wishes to the highest standards, as the law will allow. If this type of arrangement is what you are considering, we will be sure to inform you of any rules and regulations as put forth by the city of Chicago, Cook County, or the State of Illinois.



Using the services of a crematory, this process involves using intense heat to transform the remains of the deceased to a state of ashes (cremains). A memorial service may follow the cremation process or a traditional funeral ceremony may be held first. Immediate Burial is also an option.


Whatever ones wishes are, you can rest assured that Cage Memorial Chapel and Cremation Services staff will ensure that every detail is carried out and all services are conducted and directed in an elegant and dignified manner. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, we are here to make the process of putting loved ones to rest as smooth and effortless as possible.

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